Why Learn Coding?

Why should your children learn coding? There are a number of reasons for this.

Career Prospects

The first reason is that computer software runs many critical aspects of modern life. From our mobile phones to banking and hospitals and all sorts of activities. Software development is therefore a thriving and growing industry and learning coding will prepare your child for a possible career in software development.


Secondly, even if your child will not become a software developer, having a good understanding of how software works will enable the child to understand the world around him or her and make informed choices on software use and selection in his or her future workplace or for personal use.

Soft Skills

In addition to coding skills themselves, the process of coding teaches other useful skills such as

  • logical reasoning,
  • abstract thinking,
  • creativity,
  • problem-solving,
  • attention to detail and
  • persistence.


Coding is fun and creating a working program imparts a great sense of achievement. Coding can be an excellent hobby that will help your child or even adults pass time in a useful and mentally engaging manner.

Sign up today and prepare your child for the modern world.

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